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ISO 9001

III.2.3.2-Iso-9001 copia

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

The UNI EN ISO 9001 (that Fapim obtained over 10 years ago) is not a certification that specifically relates to products, but the way to “guide”, by developing appropriate procedures, all stages of the corporate life, with the aim of achieving a single, big goal: the total quality.

The quality management system established in Fapim has as main purpose to plan and manage the corporate business processes by constantly optimizing the efficiency to achieve the expected goals.

The certification of the quality management system shall be viewed as the will to certify our ability to organize ourselves as a company able to manage both resources and processes to recognize and fulfill customers needs.

We surely renew this commitment every day to continuously improve in the wake of the trend to evolution (“Life in evolution”) that stands for our business and productive philosophy.

ISO 9001 – 9190 rev2015

III.2.3.2 Politecnico di Kiev

Kiev Polytechnic

At the beginning of 2004 we obtained the certification of the quality management system (QMS) at the Polytechnic University of Kiev in Ukraine, in accordance with ISO 9001, which was renewed in 2009.

The certification of the QMS in Ukraine is part of our strategy to penetrate new markets after having obtained both system and product certificates of that specific countries.

The institution procedures include annual audits at Fapim production facilities to assess the adequacy and conformity to the Ukraine standards, as well as the effectiveness of the process management and operation.