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The first corporate identity

2011 brought about an important change: the first reasoned and exhaustive graphic renewal totally achieved inside and implemented within the company first and then outside. An important operation of corporate identity in a time of crisis, necessary to consolidate ourselves and revive the pride of belonging. The mark was hit squarely.

Fapim Argentina, established in 2012, was an ambitious project intended for serving the Mercosur markets, a new world with different needs. It is Fapim’s new frontier. A complete system for sliding doors and windows was designed for this new world.

Some models of locks for aluminium doors were launched as well as a very innovative project which is still in a developing stage: F Industrial, a new activity with huge potential that closes the circle being a return to that world of window and door from which everything started in the far 1967.

F Industrial, along with Syncro, is the ideal mechanism; the perfection that the fabricators of ‘67 could only dream has been implemented 40 years later. All details have been optimized and finally the ideal window becomes real.

It is also time to lay the foundation for a mature brand identity, totally revised and aware. Colors, logos, lettering, new website, openness to social networks… A complex operation strongly supported by the second generation.

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