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The second half of the 80s, marked the first essential corporate change. So many things happened both as to structures and products. It was the time of the second and third expansion, of the manufacturing of many new successful items and, at the end of the 80s, it was decided that the time was ripe to open to foreign markets with the suitable products. It was the time of the frequent journeys towards Northern Europe, while foreign languages started to be spoken.

Fapim was equipped with the first zamak die-casting machines. In 1989 the Loira hinge was produced: this innovative product, extremely successful, will be riding on the crest of a wave for over 20 years. The first calendars and the first briefcases of samples for the sales agents are created and, in general, the first tests of the internal management of the graphics are carried out. 1989 was also the year of founding of Ferramenta Fivizzanese, a distribution company.

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