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We started to collect company material over five years ago, with the hope to be able, one day, to arrange and present it.

Later on, while thinking about the best way to prepare this exhibition, it seemed to us that all we had found had suddenly become “normal”, almost uninteresting.

As if the objects themselves, a handle, a hinge, a piece of aluminum, even the most successful product had lost importance or was without “soul”, because a company and its microcosm is based on something much more complex and unique: feelings and relationships, unions, empathy and sometimes dislikes within a group of people who, for some periods, do walk together.



So one day – sit around a desk – tired, looking at sketches, photos and old catalogues, we started the game of memories.

Then the objects in front of us lost their character and turned into old Fiat 131 Panorama and blue phones.
What did we watch on TV in those years or what did the newspapers talk about, what kind of music did we listen to and who were the most well-known persons…

We liked that game that convinced us to do something that did not speak about products and markets only, but of what there was behind as well, of those years, of what the world was and how we were.