Here is Luce, the first lift and slide manufactured by Fapim, characterized by excellent performances. It fits 22×42 groove profiles and it is suitable to make all kinds of openings. The rollers have a capacity of 300 kg and additional rollers are available to increase capacity up to 400 kg. The lock is compatible with the standard pull handles, but it is the ideal solution with the new Fapim handle, whose design was inspired by the Olimpo line.

The lock backset of either 27,5 or 37,5 mm is perfect for doors up to 400Kg. Luce has two locking points and it is pre-set for a third one. The case is made of zamak, and it is totally sealed. Keepers are made of steel, and microventilation is provided in the special version. Rollers’ wheels are in delrin with high quality bearings and supporting structure in zamak. The wheels’ support is made of steel.