We are one of the world leading producers of solutions and fittings of high quality for windows and doors and a point of reference for all the industry operators.

Innovation and technology

Our production process, fully integrated and vertical, is one of the Fapim points of strength, that allowed to establish ourselves on the market as a guarantee of high quality and reliable products.

The total quality

Our accessories have passed all the tests of resistance and wear which they have been subject to and our systems for surface finishes have obtained the Qualicoat and Qualanod quality marks.
  • New Fapim institutional video

    New Fapim institutional video



    Here is finally the Fapim video! A video to summarize the values and the spirit of Fapim, focused on innovation and people, our winning mix for over 40 years. A cross-section of departments, offices, cutting-edge machinery and professionals who share goals and aspirations and all together, every day, make our products and services among the best in the world.

  • Oltre



    Oltre is the new panic device100% by Fapim, characterized by continuity in the shapes. Aisi 304 stainless steel latch, self-locking and fire resistance device are available on all versions. The insert made of high-performance technical polymer, allows to reduce the opening force. The Push version has a new, simplified and smaller inner mechanism, ensuring safe operation along the entire length of the bar. The lateral housing and the lock housing have a new design.

  • Luce



    Here is Luce, the first lift and slide manufactured by Fapim, characterized by excellent performances.
    It fits 22×42 groove profiles and it is suitable to make all kinds of openings.

Our product

We offer one of the most complete range of products on the market today,
able to meet the various needs in the world of aluminum windows and doors.

Online catalogue

The entire Fapim catalog, complete with technical data sheets, video tutorials and instruction sheets.

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Visit our brand new YouTube channel with company videos and unmissable tutorials on all the major products: an easy and immediate way to learn more about the assembly techniques and the secrets of Fapim experts.

News & Events

QRcode on Fapim packages

As of 1 February 2019, all Fapim products will carry a QR code on the label which can be used with any reading app and allows to access the corresponding Fapim online catalogue page.

FAPIM at BAU in Munich for the first time

Visitors from all over the world, especially from Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, were welcomed at Fapim’s booth, set on a surface of more than 70 square meters, with its original shapes and the typical red and white colours, hallmark of the company: actually noteworthy numbers, far beyond our expectations.

Completely renewed online catalogue

The Fapim online catalogue is a powerful and constantly updated tool that allows you to explore in detail all codes included in the Fapim price list.

Fapim Museum

It was created in 2014 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company, and it stands as a tribute by the second generation of the property to their parents. It witnesses, through original and often unique documents, the corporate history.

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