Fapim is present worldwide thanks to its own sales organizations and branches. This strategy allows us to be in the market and know it at best to provide customers the best possible service. Branches have been created in Spain, Belgium, Poland, Russia and Argentina to support the sales organizations and guarantee maximum product diffusion in the area, even beyond the borders of the countries where they are located.

Under the Domatic brand, we design, produce and sell complementary accessories for doors, a field we have always been world leaders in, ranging from door bottom seals to complex and complete lines of panic devices.

Fapim Benelux
Fapim Benelux is strategically located close to the French border, in Herseaux. It extends over 1.500 sq. m. of land and is able to fully meet product demand from France as well.

Fapim Hispania
Fapim Hispania is located in Talavera de la Reina, close to Madrid. A covered surface of 2.000 sq. m. allows providing product distribution throughout Spain and Portugal.

Fapim Polska
Fapim Polska, located near Warsaw, ensures prompt deliveries throughout Poland and the neighbouring markets of Belarus and of the Baltic Republics.

Fapim Russia
Our Fapim branch in Russia is located 80 km south of Moscow, in the region of Kaluga, and it provides service to the whole market of the Russian Federation.

Fapim Argentina
Fapim Argentina, located in Buenos Aires, provides deliveries to the Mercosur countries.

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