CLEAN HAND surface coating provides 24-hour resistance to microorganisms. According to laboratory tests, one year after application the paint retains the same initial antibacterial properties despite cleaning, interfering substances and scratches on the surface. The active ingredient in CLEAN HAND has a constant efficacy over time and for more than 25 years. ISO 22196 standard specifies a method for evaluating the antibacterial activity of plastics and non-porous surfaces treated with antibacterial agents. ISO 22196 standard is based on the Japanese standard JIS Z 2801: the two test methods are in practice equivalent. The international ISO 22196 ad the Japanese JIS Z 2801 are the most widely used to determine the effectiveness of an antimicrobial treatment, and consequently to “certify” an appropriate treatment.

All Fapim antibacterial paint finishes are manufactured under the Qualicoat brand.

The antimicrobial activity tests, carried out in various European laboratories in accordance with ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801, consist in submitting a sample of the material under analysis to controlled conditions of contamination by two specific strains of bacteria.

CFU: colony-forming unit per cm is the unit used to estimate the number of viable bacteria in a sample.

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