The story of a journey to celebrate 50 years of people and products.

2024 is a special year for Fapim: our fiftieth anniversary!

Fifty years of overcoming challenges, creating innovative products, and evolving from small workshops into ever larger, well-maintained, and technologically advanced industrial facilities. Fifty years of enthusiasm and passion that unite two generations of ownership and over five hundred employees, who together have established one of the most robust, world-renowned manufacturing companies in Tuscany, serving as a global reference point for metal doors and windows hardware accessories.


The Atlas latch was created with particular attention to design, offering a snap cover painted in many standard finishes to cover the fixing screws. We are in the early 90s and Fapim continues to enrich the accessories ranges dedicated to the door with Titan and Atlas latches which still today – after over 30 years – remain among the products on sale, not at all affected by time!

1989 LOIRA

The Loira bearing hinge has become an iconic product for Fapim, created with the specific project of aggressively attacking the European market and completely succeeding. It was one of the best-selling products ever, accompanied by many declinations and variations that have followed one another over the years up to the very current Loira+, each time offering the market innovation, quality and design. Loira also meant for Fapim an absolutely innovative production system for those years with numerically controlled production lines. Loira was also the protagonist of the 50+1 exhibition promoted by Museimpresa which debuted in Milan in 2012 and then continued as a traveling exhibition in Italy and abroad.


It is a lever handle for window vertical movement, created for the first time starting from extruded profiles. The first Fapim product with a plastic insert on the handle to improve ergonomics, together with the Tuscania cremone bolt, it opened the strategic market of southern Italy, which supported the company’s growth until the opening towards foreign markets.


Designed by Sergio Pacini, one of the three founders of Fapim, it had an off-centre handle which required less effort when rotating to open. Another interesting feature was the ease of assembly: the knob simply screwed onto a pre-assembled boss. It was the first successful Fapim product, which remained in production until 2010 and is still present on front doors across half of Italy!

Massimiliano Damiani50 years