Galicube150 Is now available in the version with 150 kg capacity. The maximum admissible capacity is achieved without the need for any additional kit for capacity increase. Resistance, reliability and performance are ensured by innovative materials and construction techniques, as well as by challenging operating tests. It is equipped with new hinges and a new arm, while basic kit, rod cut, and all the other complementary accessories have remained unchanged.

A single product fits all the Eurogroove profiles!. Specific accessories integrate perfectly with all the existing items allowing you to use the same cutting lists of the rod processing machines.

Few, pre-assembled components ensure maximum ease and speed of assembly. A corner transmission with built-in end-piece allows perfect door lock without upper bolt. Bolt with quick and safe clamping fastening.

Galicube 150 combines technical features with product design. The hinges, whose shape is Identical to the paired wing ones, are made of extruded aluminium and available in all finishes.

The 3D horizontal, pressure and height adjustment are even wider and more efficient in case of heavy doors. All adjustments are micrometric, with a vertical adjustment providing a wider application range compared to similar systems and a unique adjustment in pressure.

Attention to detail, processing accuracy and rigid tolerances, along with a careful choice of the materials used, make Galicube 150 a top-quality mechanism. It has been certified for corrosion resistance – grade 5 – for a capacity of 150 kg at the German RAL Institute, and for burglar resistance with SKG and RC2 marks.

Ombretta PaciniGalicube150