Oltre motorizzato

The OLTRE push-bar version now becomes motorized.

The OLTRE panic bolt 100% made in Fapim continues to expand and the push version also becomes motorised. The new electric actuator will make it possible to provide intelligent access with motorised opening and remote control, while retaining the efficiency of the mechanical escape route.

As standard for the OLTRE products, this accessory can also be used on fire doors. The actuator, supplied with 12 or 24 V direct or alternating current, can also be easily added to the already installed panic bolt without the need to replace any components, by disassembling a few elements only.

This is the great novelty from Fapim aimed at simplifying the dealer’s warehouse and guaranteeing a wide choice of types and finishes for the end customer.The actuator can be installed on all available configurations: single, double, triple, and double sash closing.

The installation of the actuator does not alter the certification according to EN 1125, but there is more: the research carried out by Fapim on materials and on mechanical and electrical characteristics has enabled full electromagnetic compatibility according to the IMQ standards to be achieved and the CE marking.

OLTREM_ DP OLTREM 00 00 09-22

Massimiliano DamianiOltre motorizzato