GAIA Cremone bolt

Here is Gaia, the new cremone bolt for outward openings.

Fapim range of outward openings expanded and now includes GAIA, the cremone bolt inspired by the unique OLIMPO design.

GAIA is reversible, with an inclined handle for assembly on small sashes. The 27 mm wide base allows application on small profiles.

It is available today in a bi-directional version, while the monodirectional version will be available shortly. The forks are made of high resistance special steel, ensuring appropriate performance also on big size sash profiles. The forks’ grasp length allows micrometrical adjustment up to 42 millimetres.

They will be soon available in the version with key and with slim handle (height of 35 millimetres with two forks) and with different size connection pivots.

Its features allow quick and easy installation with no need of any additional operating mechanisms and the possibility to use extra screws to get a stronger fastening.

Massimiliano DamianiGAIA Cremone bolt