The Fapim Museum is set over an exhibiting space of600 square meters. It was conceived like a warehouse with the yellow limiting lines, crossings and aluminium containers reviewed and turned into exhibiting tables. It includes more than one thousand items among projects, prototypes, technical drawings, and product colour testing, overalls, photographs, evocative images as well as pieces of political, sport and cultural history from 1974 to date. It is a “museum of the people” as well as of the Fapim’s objects and designs.

The sense, in fact, is to revive company’s creativity and technical solutions along with everyday life and popular culture breathed in those years, which influenced the history of the people who made the company’s history. A fascinating journey into shared memories of a business reality and its whole world.

Created on the occasion of the celebrations of the company’s forty years in 2014, it has recently benefited from a revision and expansion of preserved objects and references to the following decade to complete the story of the company’s first fifty years.