1974: The “Fabbrica Accessori Per Infissi Metallici” (Factory of Accessories for Metal Windows and Doors) is established and its acronym, FAPIM, becomes the official logo. The first product, the Chianciano knob , was created in that same year and it was sold until very recently.

1980: The first part of the current headquarters is built in Altopascio and it covers a surface of 2.000 sq.m.

1982: One of the most successful Fapim products is created: the Abano handle.

1985: It is the year when another important product in the history of Fapim is created: the Saturnia lever handle.

1989: The Loira hinge is produced. Innovative and extremely successful item, it will be on top of the line for over twenty years.

1990: Foreign markets are becoming more and more important, and the second expansion is achieved. Europe enters in Fapim, with the first catalogues in foreign languages.

1992: Fapim France, the first branch to provide direct service to customers, is established in Ablis, not far from Paris. The Titan bolt, still very much sold to date, as well as all rounded shapes, belong to this period.

1993: The Euroinvest group, for the governance of Fapim and of its foreign branches is created.

1994: The tilt and turn mechanism is designed, an essential product that will allow us to open to new markets with the brand Galiplus.

1996: The very important branches of Fapim Benelux and Fapim Hispania are established.

1997: The new offices, with the typical façade, are inaugurated and an important extension of the production facilities is achieved.

1998: The Nefer line, with its particular handle, is produced. It is one of the most popular Fapim products. In the same year Domatic, a factory of complementary accessories to Fapim production, starts its activity.

2000: The year of Galiplus 2. It is also the year in which Fapim Polska is established. By now foreign sales exceed 80%.

2001: One of the most innovative products we have ever produced is launched: the Venice clamping hinge.

2002: Fapim’s automated warehouse is completed, with its 18 meters of height and a storage capacity of 6.000 pallets. The Panama panic device line, through which a new market is accessed, is launched.

2005: The second production plant in Spianate is now operational, allowing the doubling of the production spaces.

2007: Fapim approaches the emerging markets with the Fapim Middle East branch.

2008: It is the year of the Vista system for project-out windows and of the establishment of Fapim Russia.

2009: Twenty years after the launching of the first version, a new product with the same functionality, but totally renewed as to performance and technical content is produced: Loira+ is here to stay.

2012: Fapim Argentina is built. It is a reference point for the Latin America markets and the products Ego and Olè are launched.

2014: Galicube is presented in the year that marks the 40th anniversary of the company. In the Spianate production plant, on July 18, the Fapim Museum is inaugurated.

2015: The Olimpo line is launched, and Fapim obtains the status of “Company friend of Meyer”. The Fapim Museum becomes a member of the “Museimpresa” (Corporate Museums) Association.

2016: Limite, the new limiting arm for outward openings and Magicube, the new solution for openings with concealed hinge are manufactured. The big celebratory panel located at the main entrance of the headquarters in Via delle Cerbaie is achieved. Fapim Russia moves to the new premises on the outskirts of Moscow.

2017: A new industrial building is acquired in Altopascio while a new training area is inaugurated at Spianate at the end of a very successful year for the company.

2018: We start marketing the new products Oltre and Luce, while continuing the expansion of our production facilities.

2019: The new facility at Spianate for the vibrating and grinding department is completed.Creation of Thinking Fapim, use of Qlik, the HRevolution project is launched.

2020: Year of Galicube 150 and Gaia; Fapim People is the project of integrated communication.The pandemic does not stop the company: the results are in line with the previous year.