In Fapim we have always considered the finishing of the accessories as one of the most important production stages, and therefore characterized by an accurate material research as well as by a constant system modernization. The raw materials we use are carefully selected with the collaboration of the most qualified European suppliers. We devote plenty of resources to the systematic control of the production batches in order to ensure the highest quality standards. An internal chemical laboratory follows, step by step, all the stages of both anodic oxidation and painting, in accordance with the rules established by Qualanod and Qualicoat quality marks.

Tests on products treated with anodic oxidation are carried out daily to verify the oxide thicknesses as well as the effectiveness of fixing and its stabilization according to strict international standards. Mechanical tests are also carried out on painted components for paint checking when it is subject to bending, drawings, engravings etc. The laboratory is also equipped with salt spray chambers to test the corrosion resistance of oxidized and painted products.

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