Limite is Fapim’s multifunction restrictor arm for inward and outward openings, reversible and suitable for installation on windows made with Eurogroove profiles. Limite lets you to lock the sash in a limited opening position, in full safety, by rotating the handle of the cremone bolt. It is made of zamak, with stainless steel arm, and equipped with a device allowing sash to unlock. It can be installed on both casement and tilt windows, and on project-out, arch-shaped and out of square frames as well. Limite is now on the market in three new versions. Let us take a closer look!

Multifunction Limite: the arm ensures high performance if combined with a cremone bolt with selector, which enables release of the stainless-steel lever by the sole rotation of the handle and provides an inexpensive alternative to the traditional tilt before turn system. The arm package includes a dowel for right/left change of hand and a key for the manual release of the stainless-steel lever.

Safety Limite: it is suitable for installation on both casement and tilt windows. It also ensures stable sash lock by bringing the handle back to closed position. Change of hand is easier, and stainless-steel lever is released by unscrewing the fixing screw.

Limite for ventilation doors: in this version, the arm is equipped with a dedicated lever for installation on ventilation doors with extremely reduced width. The sash, in this version as well, locks in limited opening mode by bringing the handle back to closed position. The change of hand is easy, and release is made by unscrewing the fixing screw of the stainless-steel lever.

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