In the Fapim advanced laboratories we test the mechanical and chemical resistance of our products, carry out verifications and researches on new solutions and materials and production monitoring. Thanks to our equipment and experience, our laboratories have been accredited by the most prestigious Italian and international institutes therefore we are authorized to perform “witness” tests. The presence in our laboratory of testing equipment in compliance with the directives issued by the leading certification bodies, allows us to faithfully repeat the same rigorous tests of resistance and wear already passed to obtain the international certifications, this ensuring a constant high quality standard to our products.

A special team in the chemical laboratory takes care of the systematic monitoring of the anodizing plants and of the painting pre-treatment systems. The same team also provides for frequent verifications on the surface finishes to assess their resistance to atmospheric corrosion and mechanical abrasion (by accelerated corrosion in salt spray chamber), besides testing the corrosion resistance in the salt spray chamber.