Twenty is the new line of handles for sliding openings manufactured by Fapim.

The minimalist design, with very small dimensions, is in line with the conventional window handles and meets the most sophisticated aesthetic needs. Stylish and contemporary shapes ensure perfect continuity with the design of the Olimpo line.

Twenty handle rotates by 20° only, while the square pin inside the mechanism makes the standard 90° rotation. This makes the handle ergonomically shaped ensuring safe and effective sash movement.

The Twenty range is very wide and includes fixed and operable handles with both straight and offset handles. The latter is designed to allow an easy grip even in particularly narrow spaces between sash and frame.

The version with an operable straight handle is supplied pre-assembled on the right, but the change of hand is very simple and is carried out by acting directly on the seat of the square pin without the need to disassemble any components.

The range also includes fixed and operable handles, square pins 7 in various lengths, and two different fixing kits to meet all requirements.

Twenty is universal: it can be used with any multi-point mechanism for sliding sashes.

Fixing is independent of the mechanism and can be carried out using self-tapping screws for profiles with a minimum width of 26 mm or using the kit of stainless-steel dowels and screws for profiles with a minimum width of 35 mm.

Twenty has a centre distance of 43 mm, its handle is made of aluminium and the inner case is made of zamak, the screw cover is snap-fit.

Massimiliano DamianiTwenty