The new warehouse, with its forward-looking design, will integrate perfectly into the town planning, in full respect of all the environmental rules.  With a capacity of 11 thousand pallets, along with the existing automatic warehouse, it will allow to triple the current stocking capacity. The production spaces set free, will be redesigned in view of our future development. This important investment, pursued with determination, will allow us to consolidate and continue the growth of recent years, investing in the territory we have always believed in.

27 March 2023

“Nearly done racking and warehouse closing!”

1 February 2023

Our new automated warehouse is growing rapidly!

28 November 2022

Work on the construction of the shelving has begun these days: the heart of the new automatic warehouse!

16 June 2022

The second phase of construction begins.

15 April 2022

The first part of the property closed and covered.

30 March 2022

The construction works of the new Fapim automatic warehouse are proceeding.

15 March 2022

Here are the first columns of the new warehouse.

15 December 2021

The foundations are outlined!

9 June 2021

Works are progressing with the side walls removal.

17 May 2021

Opening of the building site: beginning of the works for production facilities dismantling and roof removal.

Updates on the building site here!