Adjustable handles for sliding windows and doors, available in various models both standard and with key, to suit any need. The small thickness allows application on profiles with extremely small width, while the spring assembly system and the particular shape allows the application on rectangular and round machining, with a tolerance of 7mm. The anti-theft and mishandling devices, independent from each other, can be present simultaneously, this ensuring maximum safety.


The outside access drives, both recessed or supporting, are also available with key. The Olè line is completed by two pulling handles, with fixing system without visible screws, allowing the sash pulling without any effort on the handle.


A wide range of hooks and keepers make the Olè line fit many profiles and suitable for use in every market. Hooks and keepers, in steel or zamak, are available in the traditional version and in the version for close locking as well. The hooks have a special knurled shape which ensure secure and durable locking, while the keepers are available in both slip-in and supporting version, depending on profile type.

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