Polytechnique de Kiev

In 2004, our products were the subject of a series of tests carried out at the Kiev Polytechnic University, in Ukraine, aimed at verifying their quality, both from the point of view of the materials used and of their functioning. The various product lines have passed the tests and the Ukrainian institute, after inspection visits to the company aimed at verifying the conformity of both the quality management system and the manufacturing and control plan, has issued the certification of all the products made from Fapim. The tests, conducted according to the regulations in force in Ukraine, include static and durability tests on finished products, mechanical characterization tests of materials and resistance tests in a salt spray chamber. The body’s procedures include periodic tests on products and annual visits to factories to evaluate their adequacy and compliance with Ukrainian standards as well as the effectiveness in managing and conducting processes. In 2009 all certifications were renewed and extended to new products, always according to current regulations.

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